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Helping parents who want to home school their children but need just a little help. You can use this page for information to help you do it yourself.​ 

To get started and for more information click the link below:

Our Goals

We assist you in submitting your declaration of intent to  home study to the local superintendent by


September 1 of every year.

We assist you in establishing your home study program.

Attendance ages are between 6 and 16.


Required days of instruction are 180.


Each school day must consist

of at least 4.5 hours

Attendance records must be kept and submitted to the superintendent each month.


Parents must write an annual progress report and retain it for 3 years.

Curriculum Info

Curriculum must include:


ELA, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies



State Standardized Testing

Test your child every three years after he or she completes 3rd grade.

SAT / ACT Prep



College Board. com



Number 2 . com



SAT Prep Help . com

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