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Our Programs

Home Slice

This page is here to help parents who want to home school their children but need just a little help. You can use this page for information to help you do it yourself. 


Raising Readers Program

An (8) week early literacy outreach program that helps children learn to read and get them on or above their grade level. As a result of our individualized instruction, which follows a proven, structured curriculum covering multiple literacy skills, 85% of   all our reading students met or exceeded their primary year‒end literacy growth goal. We partner with schools and communities and engage volunteers to provide one‒on‒one tutoring to students who are below proficient levels in reading.

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No One Hungry

We believe no one should ever go hungry, as our region in Metro Atlanta produces more than enough food for everyone.     Helping hungry families on the streets, at parks, and under bridges find their next meal so they can thrive at work, in the classroom, and in their communities is what has driven Giving In Action Inc., its partners, and supporters to meet this basic need of life. 

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Military Family Connections

Providing services to low‒income military families by appointment only. These services include assistance with: employment searches, job readiness, budgeting, accessing community resources, goal setting, tax preparation, and follow‒up support services.

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