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Reading a Book

Our Purpose

An (8) week early literacy outreach program that helps children learn to read and get them on or above their grade level. As a result of our individualized instruction, which follows a proven, structured curriculum covering multiple literacy skills, 85% of   all our reading students met or exceeded their primary year‒end literacy growth goal. We partner with schools and communities and engage volunteers to provide one‒on‒one tutoring to students who are below proficient levels in reading.

Raising Readers Program begins with books, an outreach of early literacy. This 8 - week program promises to help your child learn to read and get them on grade level or above.  Your child will also receive high quality books selected for their appeal and age.

Image by Catherine Hammond

What are the benefits?

To show what impact Raising Readers has upon students in reading comprehension, motivation and achievement, as well as overall academic performance, classroom behavior, self-confidence and social skills. 

We are confident that your child's level of understanding can and will be raised

and that it will show in his or her classwork and long term motivation and love of education.

Past Results - 

Since 2009, we have:


-Improved the academic performance of 21 students in the Henry County School District

-Increased those student's GPA by at least 2 points

-Improved their self - esteem

-Reported 100 percent satisfaction from parents whose students have participated in this program

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